Wayfinder's Armour Set

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The Wayfinder's armor set is a transmog armor set in Dauntless.

It is made up of the Wayfinder's Trinoculars, the Wayfinder's Flight Suit, the Wayfinder's Flight Gloves, and the Wayfinder's Grav-Boots.

Description[edit | edit source]

Helm: A trio of charged archonite lenses help a Wayfinder precisely triangulate the airship's position in even the worst sailing conditions. Sometimes worn by Orrery field researchers working in low-visibility locations.

Body: Flexible but tough, insulated but breathable, a classic Wayfinder's flight suit is a one-piece affair that allows the wearer to endure (for a while) the most inhospitable atmospheres.

Gauntlets: "Lose your grip, lose the ship."

—Pilot's Axiom.

Boots: No matter how rough these skies get, a Wayfinder's feet remain firmly on the deck.

Obtained From[edit | edit source]

Hunt Pass Season: Clear Skies Level 50 Elite reward

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Anyone willing to add the image of the official armour showcase please add here and the Clear Skies huntpass