Visima Mohs

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Visima Mohs
Visima Mohs Screenshot 001.jpg
Voice Actor
August Sargenti

Visima Mohs is one of the NPCs from Ramsgate in Dauntless.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Wayfinder is a profession that encompasses the role of navigator, helmsman, and lookout. Visima Mohs is a very good - he might say “legendary” - wayfinder who studied airship piloting and navigation, among other topics, at the university of St. Avellaine. He has eschewed safer jobs aboard commercial ships for finding adventure with slayers, and proclaims that the truly heroic part of any behemoth hunt is reaching the beast, and after that it just comes down to some basic sword work. He’s been biding his time looking for the right prospective star to catch on the ascendant for rather longer than he’s comfortable.

Visima is egotistical but good-natured, a little too fond of the bottle and prone to tell eyebrow raising stories of air shoals and turbulent reefs, sirens and monsters on far-off islands. He thrives on the danger of life on a slayer’s airship over the safe, pedestrian work he’d get aboard a large transport vessels or a slow-floating pleasure cruiser. He loves pitting his wits against the vagaries of wind and sky. A born gambler, he believes that somewhere in the skies his fortune is waiting and he only needs a good enough ship with a brave enough captain to find it. But behind the braggadocio and bluster appreciates that a well-equipped and experienced slayer is a rare commodity.