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I was checking the trello board to see what I can do, so I decided to completed the ones with missing crafting requirements. There could be possible misinformation, but it should be relatively completed. Any chance that you can check if there should be some tweaking? And you can check off those as completed, as I’m not able to change boards.

Also, there are duplicated facepaint articles, so I think you should delete those. I.e: Searching Incognito shows said name but another one with "(Facepaint)".

No worries, thanks for your contributions. I'll go ahead and mark it as complete, since we have lots of other stuff to do. And thanks for the heads up about the the facepaints. Remember that you can flag pages for deletion, or simply send me a message on Discord at Maximum Leech#5745. And don't forget to sign your talk posts using four tildes (~~~~) :P
Maximum Leech (talk) 03:59, 22 August 2020 (UTC)