The Yonder Keys

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The Yonder Keys is a location in The Shattered Isles, and the third zone of Dauntless.

It is home to the first elemental Behemoths encountered by Slayers after bridging The Monstrous Verge.

World Map Summary[edit | edit source]

The Yonder Keys, a region of the Ram formation where many Ramsgate denizens had hoped to establish farmland and mining camps, have been disrupted by the arrival of new, elementally charged islands from the Upper Reaches and Chilling Depths. Here are Behemoths that feed on these aetheric elements such as blaze, frost and shock.

Islands[edit | edit source]

Burning Rose[edit | edit source]

Burning Rose Icon 001.png

A recent arrival in the Ram formation, the island of Burning Rose is a warm, dry island rich in blaze aether. It may have once been home to an Andari settlement.

Known Behemoths:

Known Gatherables:

Sandrian's Stone[edit | edit source]

Sandrian's Stone Icon 001.png

Behemoths have consumed much of this island's original archonite deposits, causing its elevation to drop precipitously.

Known Behemoths:

Known Gatherables:

Coldrunner Key[edit | edit source]

Coldrunner Key Icon 001.png

This frozen island has drifted into the Ram formation from the cold depths of the Sky Below.

Known Behemoths:

Known Gatherables: