The Uncharted Reaches

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The Uncharted Reaches are some of the farthest locations in The Shattered Isles, and the fourth zone of Dauntless.

World Map Summary[edit | edit source]

The aptly named Uncharted Reaches are some of the outermost islands in the Ram formation. These islands are often exposed to wildly chaotic aetheric storms and strange new Behemoths, both of which emerge from the Maelstrom with increasing frequency. Farslayers can often be found here taking part on long, carefully planned hunts. If the Uncharted Reaches can be tamed, the Maelstrom awaits.

Islands[edit | edit source]

Frostmarch[edit | edit source]

Frostmarch Icon 001.png

The Orrery believes Frostmarch is an undeveloped chunk of pre-Upheaval terrain that was frozen in time - literally - many centuries ago.

Known Behemoths:

Known Gatherables:

Revelation Rock[edit | edit source]

Revelation Rock Icon 001.png

A forested isle that servers as a vantage point from the charted skies into the swirling Maelstrom. The explorers who named it found the storm to be a revelatory experience.

Known Behemoths:

Known Gatherables:

Underwald[edit | edit source]

Underwald Icon 001.png

A dangerous forest isle on a course that brushes up against the Maelstrom. Underwald is occupied by Behemoths that feed off the storm's chaotic power.

Known Behemoths:

Known Gatherables: