The Monstrous Verge

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The Monstrous Verge is an archipelago in The Shattered Isles, and the second zone of Dauntless.

It is a Slayers's next journey after leaving The Sheltered Frontier, and is home to some aether charged Behemoths.

World Map Summary[edit | edit source]

This region comprises a range of islands fairly close to Ramsgate, the largest city in the Ram formation. Slayers have been stalking this well-trammeled region for more than a century, so it is home to only a few varieties of Behemoths that feed primarily on raw aether.

Islands[edit | edit source]

Aulric's Refuge[edit | edit source]

Aulric's Refuge Icon 001.png

A historic island used for Slayer camps during the construction of Ramsgate. Named for the city's founder, famed explorer Aulric Maas.

Known Behemoths:

Known Gatherables:

Iron Falls[edit | edit source]

Iron Falls Icon 001.png

An ore-rich island that was once heavily mined, Iron Falls was the source of many raw materials during Ramsgate's early boom years.

Known Behemoths:

Known Gatherables: