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This template defines the table "Dyes". View table.

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Template:Dye is a template used to create Dye pages and store them in the "Dyes" cargo table. Cargo stores its data in a database table. Each time this template is called, it stores that page name and the template parameters in the database table, with a column for each relevant parameter. This table can then be queried using SQL components to display the data. Editors simply need to fill out the blank template below for any desired Dye page.


Blank Template



  • IconSwatch (File) = File for the swatch icon (color sample square) without [[File: ]]
  • IconBottle (File) = File for the bottle icon without [[File: ]]
  • Class (String) = Classification of the dye. Mostly used for querying. Allowed values = Quest, Premium, Hunt Pass, Heroic, Special
  • Rarity (String) = Rarity of the dye. Allowed values = Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Artifact
  • ObtainedFrom (Wikitext) = How to obtain the dye
  • Description (Wikitext) = In-game description of the dye


|IconSwatch=Courageous Dye Icon 001.png
|IconBottle=Courageous Dye Bottle Icon.png
|Class=Hunt Pass
|ObtainedFrom=[[Hunt Pass Season: Searing Talons]] Level 2 Elite reward
|Description=An aether-infused dye that may be applied to many different fabrics and surfaces.
|IconSwatch=Smoulder Dye Icon 001.png
|ObtainedFrom=[[Firebrand Charrogg]]