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Salve! è praticamente da 2 giorni che sono bloccato con una missione che mi richiede di stordire i behemonts con martello e ascia... ma non ho capito come si faccia, ho cercato un po su internet ma nulla che specifichi come e quando si verifica lo stordimento... io credevo fosse quando il behemonts cade a terra, ma dopo vari tentativi non sembra esser cosi, qualcuno sa dirmi come si fa?

Discussion/Feedback Post for the game.[edit source]

Greetings all! I thoroughly enjoy the game. A straightforward game, very user friendly, and enjoyable. While I understand that the full version isn't live yet, thus far here is my feedback:

A training area would be a cool idea. A small instance-type area you could zone into in Ramsgate. An area where players can equip any weapon (perhaps just the trainer weapons?) and strike at/fight dummies or small behemoths. An area where players can get a feel for weapons before going into a match where they may bring the rest of the team down.

Another idea I have is for crafting - the ability to salvage or de-craft previously created items. Perhaps for half-value or even the orbs of the core weapon. As players level up and want to craft different weapons, we have essentially wasted materials on lower-tier weapons. The same can be said for armors.

Lastly, for me, I think that the cell crafting station and set-up could have more explanations or a tutorial. It isn't very user-friendly.

Apart from that, I love the game. I fully intend to keep playing it through live and for however long the game continues.

Happy slaying,


Hollct012 (talk) 15:07, 23 June 2019 (UTC)

Main Page Lantern Icon[edit source]

Lantern icon is missing on the main page.

being that i have to write a report or it isn't posted here is said "lots of characters" just to waste space.