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Slayer (Reputation)

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Slayer (not to be confused with the behemoth-hunting Slayers) is a reputation track in Dauntless. The objectives of the Slayer track are themed around completing hunts and generic combat goals. Access to this track is unlocked after completing Gnasher Attack.

Levels and Rewards[edit | edit source]

Level Name XP required Reward
1 Recruit N/A N/A
2 Slayer 200 Bronze Slayer Core
3 Captain 200 Bronze Slayer Core
4 Adventurer 250 Bronze Slayer Core
5 Fighter 250 Silver Slayer Core
6 Defender 300 Bronze Slayer Core
7 Guardian 300 Bronze Slayer Core
8 Protector 350 Silver Slayer Core
9 Warrior 350 Silver Slayer Core
10 Hero 400 Gold Slayer Core
11 Veteran 400 Silver Slayer Core
12 Stalwart 450 Silver Slayer Core
13 Stalker 450 Silver Slayer Core
14 Exemplar 500 Silver Slayer Core
15 Champion 500 Gold Slayer Core
16 Redeemer 550 Silver Slayer Core
17 Giant-Killer 550 Silver Slayer Core
18 Paragon 600 Silver Slayer Core
19 Undaunted 600 Silver Slayer Core
20 Legend 600 Gold Slayer Core
1000 Silver Slayer Core

XP[edit | edit source]

Objective Reward
Completing a hunt 25 XP

Daily Quests[edit | edit source]

Name Objective Type Reward
Afterburner Hunt Charrogg Behemoth 100 XP
Ride the Lightning Hunt Drask Behemoth 100 XP
Embermane's Wrath Hunt Embermane Behemoth 100 XP
Tailspin Hunt Gnasher Behemoth 100 XP
Hell to Pay Hunt Hellion Behemoth 100 XP
Pincer Attack Hunt Kharabak Behemoth 100 XP
Sparks and Spikes Hunt Nayzaga Behemoth 100 XP
Rolling Cold Hunt Pangar Behemoth 100 XP
Straight Shooter Hunt Quillshot Behemoth 100 XP
On the Bright Side Hunt Rezakiri Behemoth 100 XP
Reap the Whirlwind Hunt Shrike Behemoth 100 XP
Geometry of Shadows Hunt Shrowd Behemoth 100 XP
Rock Legend Hunt Skarn Behemoth 100 XP
Wings of Winter Hunt Skraev Behemoth 100 XP
Shockingly Sharp Hunt Stormclaw Behemoth 100 XP
Break Time Break 3 part(s) from any behemoths Combat 100 XP
Behemoth, Interrupted Get 3 interrupt(s) on any behemoths Combat 100 XP
Shakedown Get 3 stagger(s) on any behemoths Combat 100 XP
All That You Survey Complete 1 patrol hunt Hunt 100 XP
Only the Monstrous Complete the hunt "Patrol the Monstrous Verge" Hunt 100 XP
Great Blue Yonder Complete the hunt "Patrol the Yonder Keys" Hunt 100 XP
Reach for the Skies Complete the hunt "Patrol the Uncharted Reaches" Hunt 100 XP
Into the Endless Storm Complete 1 patrol hunt* Hunt 100 XP

*In the Maelstrom.

Weekly Quests[edit | edit source]

Name Objective Type Reward
Slayer's Club Hunt 10 behemoths Behemoth 300 XP, Gold Slayer Core
Blazing Coals Hunt Embermane (5 times) Behemoth 300 XP, Gold Slayer Core
Face the Vortex Hunt Shrike (5 times) Behemoth 300 XP, Gold Slayer Core
Night's Cloak Hunt Shrowd (5 times) Behemoth 300 XP, Gold Slayer Core
Subzero Conditions Hunt Pangar (5 times) Behemoth 300 XP, Gold Slayer Core
Looking for Trouble Complete 7 patrol hunts Hunt 300 XP, Gold Slayer Core