Seismic Soldier Armour

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Seismic Soldier Armour
Armour set-elite-rogue elements.png
Armour Type

Seismic Soldier Armour is a Legendary Armour Skin in Dauntless. It is obtained by reaching the Level 50 Elite reward of the Hunt Pass Season: Rogue Elements.

Components[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
Head SM-CH5 "Cyclops Rock" Crash Helm What you'll lack in depth perception you'll make up with head protection.
Torso SM-TA3 "Hard Stop" Tec-Armour Ever wanted to be that immovable object?
Arms SM-WG5 "Break Point" War Gauntlets Protects arms and hands even when breaking bones and faces.
Legs SM-PG7 "Grand Stand" Power Greaves Go ahead and take a stand. Don't forget to make it grand.