Seismic Scout Armour

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Seismic Scout Armour
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Armour Type

Seismic Scout Armour is an Epic Armour Skin in Dauntless. It is obtained by reaching the Level 50 Free reward or Level 1 Elite Reward of the Hunt Pass Season: Rogue Elements.

Components[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
Head Seismic Haz-Mask Seismic Slayers never let a toxic atmosphere or poisonous Behemoths keep them from breathing easy.
Torso Seismic Flak Jacket The previous owner didn't own it for long. Clean the blood off and it'll serve you well.
Arms Seismic Battle Gloves Have you recently met a set of teeth that need to be knocked out through no fault of their own? These are the steel-plated gloves for you.
Legs Seismic Combat Greaves Pouches, straps, and sheaths ensure nothing you need is ever out of reach.