See What's In Store (Quest)

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"See What's In Store"
Markus Boehr
Markus Boehr
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Description[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

Get a free pack of dyes from the store. Press Escape to open the store.

Journal[edit | edit source]

The bosun recommends you spice up your personal style by visiting the store for a free dye bundle. Press Escape and then select "Store" to bring up the store front.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Rewards[edit | edit source]


Dialogue[edit | edit source]

(Quest start)

Markus Boehr: "Folks are talking about you, Slayer, and what I hear is generally pretty good. But there is some talk - not from me, of course, but from... people - that you could be a bit more stylish. Have you been to the store? "

Markus Boehr: "To reach the store press Escape and select Store. Go to Style to find your free Recruit's Dyes!"

(Complete objectives)

Markus Boehr: "Those dyes should have you on the path to style and sophistication in no time. But remember, most everything else in the store - including more dyes - will require platinum."

(Quest complete)