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Savagery is a Perk in Dauntless. It is a member of the Technique Cell Technique family of Perks.

Description[edit source]

Increases damage against Wounded parts.

Details[edit source]

Tier Effect Details
1 +20% Damage vs Wounded Parts
2 +30% Damage vs Wounded Parts
3 +40% Damage vs Wounded Parts
4 +60% Damage vs Wounded Parts
5 +80% Damage vs Wounded Parts
6 +100% Damage vs Wounded Parts

Obtainable From[edit source]

Weapons[edit source]

Icon Name Power Element Perk Cell Slots Unique Effect
Nayzaga's Shockers Icon.png Nayzaga's Shockers 40 Shock Icon.pngShock +1 Savagery Technique Cell Technique
Utility Cell Utility
After a Behemoth is staggered, heal for 200
Nayzaga's Scythe Icon.png Nayzaga's Scythe 40 Shock Icon.pngShock +1 Savagery Power Cell Power
Utility Cell Utility
After landing perfectly charged attacks, heal for 100

Armour[edit source]

Icon Name Resistance Elemental Strength Elemental Weakness Perks Cell Slots
Quillmask Icon 001.png
Quillspike Mask 25 140 None None +3 Savagery Defence Cell Defence Cell
Quillspike Jacket Icon 001.png
Quillspike Jacket 25 140 None None +3 Savagery Technique Cell Technique Cell

Cells[edit source]

Technique Cell +1 Savagery Cell
Technique Cell +2 Savagery Cell
Technique Cell +3 Savagery Cell