Moyra Heigsketter

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Moyra Heigsketter
Moyra Heigsketter Render 001.png
Voice Actor
Maya Tuttle

Moyra Heighsketter is one of the NPCs from Ramsgate in Dauntless.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Acknowledged as one of the best metal workers in Ramsgate, Moyra’s young, but gifted, at metalwork. Her mother Varya let her start helping out in the smithy when she was only five years old, and eventually she took over her mother’s smithy when the elder Heigsketter passed away. She won’t rest until she feels she’s lived up to Varya Heigsketter’s example. Her workshop on Ramsgate Bluff is filled with new creations in various states of progress, a chaotically organized wonderland of what some slayers would call “sweet gear”.

She has a passion for making new devices which is impossible to disguise once it grips her. She is wary of strangers but values her few friends greatly. Despite a gruff exterior she can be surprisingly kind and considerate to those she values. Never afraid to speak her mind and anything but shy.