Metin Lessandria

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Metin Lessandria
Metin Lessandria Render 001.png
Orrery Leader
Voice Actor
Judy Greenberg

Metin Lessandria is one of the NPCs from Ramsgate in Dauntless.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Lessandria is descended from generations of Watchers that can trace their lineage back to the earliest days of the islands, long before the First Explorer began to chart the world’s floating land masses, when the Orrery was truly the sole source of knowledge for the survivors of the Upheaval. And until recently, the watchers of the Orrery have shown little interest in matters outside their own areas of study, collecting the history of the world and preserving what knowledge they could. Since Lessandria took over as Supreme Watcher (a title that had fallen out of use long ago, but which she resurrected), they have taken a more active role in leading the city and making sure the power of aether is not exploited by those who don’t have the wisdom to control it (i.e., everyone who isn’t part of the Orrery).

Lessandria is a politician first and an academic second. She has a quick, opportunistic mind which runs along conservative lines of maintaining the status quo and keeping the reputation of the watchers as inviolable as possible. She has little time for slayers and wayfinders, but has recently come to the conclusion that some influence over both groups will be essential for maintaining the watcher’s prestige in the long term. She’s also pompous, dislikes close proximity or physical contact, and is convinced she is cleverer than everyone else. She’s usually right.