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Lantern Icon 001.png

Lanterns are rechargeable gear which can provide beneficial active effects in combat. They are crafted by Arkan Drew, Ramsgate's aethersmith.

Activation[edit | edit source]

Most lanterns have two abilities that are activated depending on how the lantern button is pressed:

  • Instant Abilities are activated by pressing and then quickly releasing the lantern button. These abilities charge over time. (40 sec cooldown)
  • Hold Abilities are activated by holding the lantern button down for a set amount of time and they can only be activated when the lantern is fully charged. Lantern charge is gained by dealing weapon damage, collecting Aether Wisps or drinking from Aether Vents. The Aetheric Attunement and Aetheric Frenzy perks increase lantern charge gained from dealing damage. Maximum lantern charge is 1000.

Both ability types can be activated while performing any other actions without interrupting them.

Name Instant Ability Hold Ability Cell Slots
Recruit's Lantern Grants a 50 hit point shield (doesn't stack) Disperses aether that allows the Slayer to track the Behemoth. None
Drask's Fury Deal 40% increased damage for 6 seconds. Fires a lightning bolt in a direction that deals 200 Shock damage multiple times as it passes through a Behemoth. Utility Cell Utility Cell
Embermane's Rapture Attack 30% faster for 8 seconds. Create a fire ball in front of you that explodes after 5 seconds, dealing 750 Blaze damage to all nearby Behemoths. Utility Cell Utility Cell
Pangar's Resolve Restore 25% of your maximum stamina. Create a frost pillar in front of you that deals 940 Frost damage to all nearby Behemoths over 12 seconds. Utility Cell Utility Cell
Shrike's Zeal Move 40% faster for 6 seconds. Creates an aura that grants nearby slayers 15% increased movespeed and attack speed for 15 seconds. Utility Cell Utility Cell
Skarn's Defiance Grants a 200 hit point shield for 4 seconds. Surrounds the slayer in swirling stone that deals 720 damage to all nearby Behemoths over 12 seconds. Utility Cell Utility Cell
Koshai's Embrace 10% of damage dealt will heal you for 8 seconds. Dash in a direction, deal 650 damage to nearby behemoths upon arrival. Utility Cell Utility Cell