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Lantern Skins

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Behemoths keeping you down? Worry no more! Grab yourself a Lantern Skin now and teach those baddies why you're boss.

Lantern Skins can be obtained in the Shop for a set amount of Platinum.

List of Lantern Skins[edit | edit source]

Lantern Skin Image Rarity Platinum Cost
Classic (Lantern Skin) Classic (Lantern Skin) Icon.png Uncommon 60
Focal (Lantern Skin) Focal (Lantern Skin) Icon.png Uncommon 60
Paneled (Lantern Skin) Paneled (Lantern Skin) Icon.png Uncommon 60
Ramsguard Watchlight (Lantern Skin) Supporter pack icon-ramsguard watchlight.png Uncommon Supporter Pack
Research (Lantern Skin) Research (Lantern Skin) Icon.png Uncommon 60
Techwork (Lantern Skin) Techwork (Lantern Skin).png Uncommon 60