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Hunt Icon.png

Hunts are the primary game modes in Dauntless and consist of Slayers searching for and slaying Behemoths. There are 5 hunt types available:

Icon Name Description
Patrol Icon.png Patrol Set sail to hunt a random Behemoth. Elemental patrols reward Slayers with elemental orbs, while Dire, Heroic, and Heroic+ patrols offer arcstone rewards. All types of Patrols reward Slayers with additional crafting materials and gatherables as well. To unlock Patrol hunts, achieve a minimum Slayer rank of 4 and accept the "Into the Maelstrom" quest from Kat Sorrel.
Pursuit Icon.png Pursuit Hunt a specific Behemoth of your choice to earn specific parts, complete particular objectives, or focus your techniques against a particular quarry. To unlock Pursuit hunts, accept the "Trophy Hunt" quest from Wils Bormen or "Face the Fire" quest from Trainer Rosk.
Escalation Icon.png Escalation Face an escalating challenge in a series of Behemoth hunts with increasing difficulty to unlock new talents and abilities. To unlock Escalation hunts, accept the "Things Have Escalated" quest from Arkan Drew.
Trials Icon.png Trial The Trials feature arena-style fights against strange and unusual Behemoths that will put Slayers to the test. Trails hunts reward Slayers with Steel Marks Icon 001.pngSteel Marks and Gilded Marks Icon 001.png Gilded Marks to spend in Lady Luck's shop. To unlock the Trials, redeem the "Bright Shadows" quest with Katerin Sorrel.
Training Grounds Icon.png Training Grounds Visit a training area to bash on dummy Behemoths with your choice of weapon. Try out something new or practice your combos to reach peak Slayer performance.