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When hunting in The Shattered Isles, Slayers have a few different options on how they want to hunt;

Patrols: Fight any Behemoth and get bonus Archonite.
Expeditions: Travel to an island and get bonus resources.
Pursuits: Hunt a specific Behemoth from this Zone.

End of Hunt[edit | edit source]

Slayers that successfully complete a hunt are awarded badges based on their performance. Badges are ranked from Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Elite.

Name Description
Breaker Badge Icon 001.png Breaker Broke Behemoth Parts
Evasive Badge Icon 001.png Evasive Took Little Damage
Took No Damage (Elite)
Forceful Badge Icon 001.png Forceful Caused Staggers
Medic Badge Icon 001.png Medic Most Team Healing
Savior Badge Icon 001.png Savior Revived Allies
Slayer Badge Icon 001.png Slayer Damaged Behemoth
Tactician Badge Icon 001.png Tactician Caused Interrupts
Evasive Badge Icon 001.png Steadfast Rarely Downed
Never Downed (Elite)