Hunt Pass Season: Myth & Legend

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Myth and Legends is the Huntpass that started in November and ended in January. It's theme was warrior orientated. It was also active during the Frostfall event.

Special Rewards - Frostfall[edit | edit source]

Reward Category Initial Drop Chance Possible Rewards
Helm Skin 0.66% Frostfall Bells
Banner Fabric 6.6% Frostfall Icicles (Fabric), Frostfall Fringe (Fabric)
Flare 46.3% Spirit of Frostfall (Flare), Frostfall Crown (Flare), Frostfall Snowman (Flare), Frostfall Snowflakes (Flare), Frostfall Present (Flare), Frostfall Mead (Flare), Frostfall Shrike (Flare)
Banner Sigil 46.3% Frostfall Wreath (Sigil), Frostfall Stocking (Sigil), Frostfall Snowman (Sigil), Frostfall Snowflakes (Sigil), Frostfall Present (Sigil), Frostfall Mead (Sigil), Frostfall Shrike (Sigil)

Track[edit | edit source]

Myth & Legend
Level Basic
Hunt Pass Basic Icon 001.png
Hunt Pass Elite Icon 001.png
1 Heroic Vambraces
Hero of Myth
Heroic Helm
Heroic Plate

Heroic Vambraces
Heroic Greaves
2 Vortex Dye
3 Platinum Platinum (x50) Steel Marks Steel Marks (x200)
4 Protector's Judgment
5 Intrepid Dye Sword from a Stone
6 Bounty Token Bounty Token (x5) Hero's Charge (Sigil)
7 Bulwark Tonic (x15)
8 Ace Chips Ace Chips (x25) Platinum Platinum (x50)
9 Gold Slayer Core
10 Humble Courage Eye of Taurus
11 Bounty Token Bounty Token (x5) Masque of Taurus
12 Platinum Platinum (x50)
13 Steel Marks Steel Marks (x200) Witch's Window
14 Stamina Tonic (x25)
15 Heroic Greaves Warrior's Raputre
16 Bounty Token Bounty Token (x5) Hero's Band
17 Silver Slayer Core
18 Patrol Chest Daily Patrol Bonus (x5) Platinum Platinum (x50)
19 Blitz Tonic (x25)
20 Visage of Taurus (Flare) Paragon's Wings (Chain Blades Transmog)
21 Bounty Token Bounty Token (x3) Hero's Charge (Flare)
22 Transmog Stones Transmog Stone
23 Platinum Platinum (x50) Platinum Platinum (x50)
24 Lifespring Pylon (x10)
25 Visage of Taurus (Banner Sigil) Exemplar's Hope (War Pike Transmog)
26 Bounty Token Bounty Token (x3) Heroic Flourish (Emote)
27 Assault Tonic (x25)
28 Steel Marks Steel Marks (x200) Platinum Platinum (x50)
29 Silver Slayer Core
30 Heroic Plate Guardian Heralds (Repeaters Transmog)
31 Bounty Token Bounty Token (x3) Platinum Platinum (x50)
32 Concussive Grenade (x15)
33 Platinum Platinum (x50) Transmog Stones Transmog Stone
34 Aetherdrive Tonic (x25)
35 Who Loves Ya, Baby? (Emote) Hero's Justice (Hammer Transmog)
36 Bounty Token Bounty Token (x3) Flagstaff of the First Slayer (Banner Standard)
37 Frenzy Tonic (x25)
38 Platinum Platinum (x50)
39 Steel Marks Steel Marks (x200)
40 Stormbreak Hair Tint Defender's Decrees (Strikers Transmog)
41 Bounty Token Bounty Token (x3) Transmog Stones Transmog Stone
42 Bounty Token Premium Bounty Token (x5)
43 Platinum Platinum (x50)
44 Inspiring Pylon (x10)
45 Heroic Helm Let's Ride (Arrival)
46 Bounty Token Bounty Token (x2) Lifedrain Tonic (x15)
47 Steel Marks Steel Marks (x200)
48 Platinum Platinum (x100) Burning Legend (Banner Plant)
49 Bounty Token Premium Bounty Token (x5)
50 The Ramsgate Cannonball(Emote)
Hero of Legend
Helm of the First Slayer

Cuirass of the First Slayer

Vambraces of the First Slayer

Greaves of the First Slayer