Hunt Pass Season: Aetherpunk

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Track[edit | edit source]

Level Basic
Hunt Pass Basic Icon 001.png
Hunt Pass Elite Icon 001.png
1 Atomica Dye
Anarchist (Title)
Torn Glory
Punk's Peak
Level X
Killer Kicks
2 Deviation Dye
3 Platinum Platinum (x50) Steel Marks Steel Marks (x200)
4 Sawbones Sally (Sword Transmog)
5 Stardust (Facepaint) Swirling Streamers (Emote)
6 Bounty Token Bounty Token (x5) Punky Pete (Sigil)
7 Bulwark Tonic (x15)
8 Ace Chips Ace Chips (x25) Platinum Platinum (x50)
9 Gold Slayer Core
10 Right Off The Bat (Emote) Pokey Jones (Lantern Transmog)
11 Bounty Token Bounty Token (x5) Entropy Dye
12 Platinum Platinum (x50)
13 Steel Marks Steel Marks (x50) Shredded Future (Banner Fabric)
14 Stamina Tonic (x25)
15 Patrol Chest Patrol Chest (x5) Stark and Raving (Repeaters Transmog)
16 Bounty Token Bounty Token (x5) Bounty Token Bounty Token (x5)
17 Silver Slayer Core
18 Ace Chips Ace Chips (x25) Platinum Platinum (x50)
19 Blitz Tonic (x25)
20 Toxic Mess (Flare) Bitter and Biter (Chain Blades Transmog)
21 Bounty Token Bounty Token (x3) Punky Pete (Flare)
22 Transmog Stones Transmog Stone
23 Platinum Platinum (x50) Platinum Platinum (x50)
24 Lifespring Pylon (x10)
25 Toxic Mess (Banner Sigil) Slashbang Pike (War Pike Transmog)
26 Bounty Token Bounty Token (x3) Emotional Baggage (Hairstyle)
27 Assault Tonic (x25)
28 Steel Marks Steel Marks (x50) Platinum Platinum (x50)
29 Silver Slayer Core
30 Atomic Sky Hair Tint Captain Crushly (Hammer Transmog)
31 Bounty Token Bounty Token (x3) Platinum Platinum (x50)
32 Concussive Grenade (x15)
33 Platinum Platinum (x50) Transmog Stones Transmog Stone
34 Aetherdrive Tonic (x25)
35 Steel Marks Steel Marks (x100) Rippin' Dude (Axe Transmog)
36 Bounty Token Bounty Token (x3) Template:Spine of Anarchy (Banner Standard)
37 Frenzy Tonic (x25)
38 Platinum Platinum (x50)
39 Steel Marks Steel Marks (x200)
40 Tag, You're It! (Emote) Smiley and Smacker (Strikers Transmog)
41 Bounty Token Bounty Token (x3) Transmog Stones Transmog Stone
42 Bounty Token Premium Bounty Token (x5)
43 Platinum Platinum (x50) Inspiring Pylon (x10)
44 Platinum Platinum (x50)
45 Steel Marks Steel Marks (x200) Kick the Can (Arrival)
46 Bounty Token Bounty Token (x2) Lifedrain Tonic (x15)
47 Steel Marks Steel Marks (x200)
48 Fractal Mindlock (Banner Plant)
49 Bounty Token Premium Bounty Token (x5)
50 Punk's Peak
Torn Glory
Level X
Killer Kicks

Aetherpunk (Title)
Cross-Eyed Metavizor
Slaypunk X-Thousand
Hypersonic Radpants
Bioplasmic Cybersleeves