Hunt Modifiers

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Summery[edit | edit source]

A hunt modifier is a feature certain behemoths can have once you reach a higher difficulty. Meaning when a certain behemoth goes from Lesser to Normal, Normal to Heroic and from Heroic to Heroic+.

Modifiers[edit | edit source]

Name Description Which behemoth's have them.
Heroic Icon 001.png Heroic Behemoths are tougher and deal more damage. All Behemoths except:
Heroic-Plus-Icon-001.png Heroic+ Behemoths are tougher and deal more damage. All Heroic+ Behemoths
Last Stand Icon 001.png Last Stand Slayers have only one self-revive each. All Behemoths except:
Fury Icon 001.png Fury Behemoth rage lasts longer, and empowers the Behemoth's defense and attack.
Jagged Icon 001.png Jagged Attacks that would cause wound now cause crippling wound.
Momentum Icon 001.png Momentum Unstable attacks increase Behemoth damage if they are not interrupted. Interrupting unstable reduces increased damage.
Aether Shrapnel Icon 001.png Aether Shrapnel Behemoth projectiles explode, dealing bonus damage and Shellshocking Slayers.
Inferno Icon 001.png Inferno Behemoth on fire effects last longer and deal more damage.
Tough Hide Icon 001.png Tough Hide Behemoth part take less damage, but wounded parts take much more damage.
Volcanic Icon 001.png Volcanic Scorchstone Hellion's Volcano eruptions directly target Slayers, and lava pools last longer.
Icy Grasp Icon 001.png Icy Grasp Behemoths have been touched by frost energy, and will periodically cause icy spikes to erupt.
Frigid Touch Icon 001.png Frigid Touch Behemoth physical attacks apply Chilled to Slayers.
Ice Shield Icon 001.png Ice Shield Killing any minion grants a bonus the next time you deal damage to the Boreus' shield. Stacks multiple times.
Icy Grave Icon 001.png Icy Grave When Slayers are frozen, a deadly trap starts to spring.
Whiteout Icon 001.png Whiteout Winterhorn Skraev uses blizzards to cover its movements. Destroy ice globes to end the blizzard. Sever its horns to stop the storms permanently.
Shielded Icon 001.png Shielded Objects created by Behemoths are temporarily electrified, shocking players that attack them.
Fortifications Icon 001.png Fortifications Objects created by Behemoths have increased health.
Electrify Icon 001.png Shockfall Behemoth rock attacks shellshock and deal bonus damage to Slayers.
Piercing Light Icon 001.png Piercing Light Valomyr's drones are dangerous and harder to kill.
Chaotic Void Icon 001.png Chaotic Void Attacks in Riftstalker's void rift are more varied.