Horatio Gallifar

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Horatio Gallifar
Horatio Gallifar Screenshot 001.jpg
Voice Actor
Alan Shearman

Horatio Gallifar is one of the NPCs from Ramsgate in Dauntless.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Horatio learned his craft as an itinerant apprentice to the first designers of the then-new airships that fully exploited aether technology. He has therefore been building and designing airships for virtually his whole life and has mastered the craft decades ago. Demand for airships is now at an all time high and Horatio is always working flat out, however he’ll always make room to work on Slayer vessels as he’s a long-time admirer of their clean lines, speed, and agility in comparison to lugger and transports.

Horatio is sharply intelligent and deeply in love with airships: their design, their construction, and every aspect of their function. He’s eager to share his passion with others and has numerous apprentices in his thriving shipyard. Horatio can seem scatterbrained at times, with a dozen different thoughts and ideas whirling through his mind, but his attention to detail and insight are flawless.