Homeward Bound

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Can smell it. Smell it on the wind, in the water, on my skin, Terra everywhere, but too much. It's suffocating.

Wasn't like this before. It was... balanced. Not too much, not too little. "Just Right Home," that's what they should've called it. Maybe when we fix this, that's what they'll go with.

And we will fix it. Me, the Arbourhome Farslayers, Kat's city Slayers. Granny will help too. She's smart, like an old weavewitch. We need smart and sneaky. And an old weavewitch, but she'll have to do.

These islands smell wrong. Look wrong. Feel wrong. But even if they're not the same when we're done, they'll be a home for Farslayers again.

After all, I promised.

—Xelya the Farslayer