Gregario Flynt

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Gregario Flynt
Gregario Flynt Render 001.png
Mid 40's
Voice Actor
Richard Malmos

Gregario Flynt is one of the NPCs from Ramsgate in Dauntless.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Gregario Flynt was born Gregory Stone to a poor family who dwelled on the seedier side of St. Avellaine. Growing up in near-poverty and surrounded by the nasty smells of street refuse, young Gregory found escape watching the well-dressed and wealthy from all over the Shattered Isles moving through the busy port. When he discovered he had a knack for sewing and visual design, he began create his own styles using scrap materials nicked from cargo ships. His work was so well received that he soon purchased his family’s way out of poverty. He trained himself to speak with the cultured accent of the upper classes, and as soon as he was able began to work with the finest materials and artists. Within years, he became the ultimate arbiter of style among the well-to-do classes of his home city and earned a not-so-small fortune doing it.

But Gregario never forgot where he came from, or what drove him to rise up from the gull-filled gutters. He wanted to share what he had achieved, so that others could feel as good about themselves as they deserved. Not content to rest on his well-defined laurels, he saw the condition and look of those who ventured forth to settle the frontier and slay the behemoths that hunted there, and decided there was no reason they couldn’t look good while they expanded humanity’s horizons. He sold his holdings in St. Avellaine, purchased a fine airship with a finer crew, and established a new base of operations in thriving Ramsgate.

Gregario is saturated in style and sophistication, a cross between Beau Brummell and Anna Wintour. He’s the ultimate arbiter of taste, but not arrogant or dismissive of those many would consider unfashionable. Rather, he simply knows that he knows best, and if others don’t agree that is their loss. He has a strong recommendations and the attitude of a style mentor, taking great joy in helping others determine what their style is. He will not give up on a challenge and always finds a way to make things work. Perfect posture. Impeccably dressed. Dry humour.