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Founder's Packs are a way to support the developers of Dauntless (Phoenix Labs) and get a few bonuses before the game releases.
The Founder's Packs are split into 3 tiers, higher tiers include the content of the lower ones.
"Whether you’re looking to become part of Dauntless history, get a jump-start on customizing your character, or are looking for early access, we’ve got something for you." -Phoenix Labs

The packs have been available for purchase since april 4th 2017.

Content & Price[edit | edit source]

Slayer Tier Hero Tier Founder Tier
39.99$ 69.99$ 99.99$[1]
Founder's Alpha Access
Closed Beta Access Closed Beta Access Closed Beta Access
Champion Status (90 Days) Champion Status (90 Days) Patron Status (90 Days)
Style Hunter Status (90 Days)
Slayer Pack Slayer Pack Slayer Pack
In-Game Title In-Game Title In-Game Title
Forum Icon Forum Icon Forum Icon
Founder's Flare Founder's Flare Founder's Flare
Founder's Banner Plant
10 Chroma Cores 10 Chroma Cores
10 Transmog Stones 10 Transmog Stones
Guild Charter
Credits Listing[2]
Friend Invite

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Discounted to 79.99$ until an unknown date
  2. Credits Listing was only available until August 18th.

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