Farslayer's Armour

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Farslayer's Armour
Armour Type

Farslayer's Armour is an Armour Skin in Dauntless. It is obtained by reaching the Level 50 Elite reward of the Hunt Pass Season: Overgrowth and Level 25 Elite reward of the Hunt Pass Season: Farslayer's Fall.

Components[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
Farslayer's Vision Icon.png Head Farslayer's Vision Keep watch over the forests.
Farslayer's Marrow Icon.png Torso Farslayer's Marrow Feel the wildlands in your bones.
Farslayer's Reach Icon.png Arms Farslayer's Reach Nothing escapes the grasp of the wild.
Farslayer's Balance Icon.png Legs Farslayer's Balance Walk with a natural symmetry.