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Only the finest fabrics for you, Slayer. Take your banner customization to the next level with many options to choose from.

Fabrics can be obtained in the Shop for a set amount of Platinum.

List of Banners[edit | edit source]

Fabric Rarity Platinum Cost
Aegis of Zarhatfris (Banner) Aegis of Zarhatfris (Banner) Icon.png Epic 90
Aendiure's Canvas (Banner) Aendiure's Canvas (Banner) Icon.png Uncommon 50
Arc of Exocrul (Banner) Epic 90
Ascendant (Banner) Ascendant (Banner) Icon.png Rare 70
Bleak Orb Shield (Banner) Bleak Orb Shield (Banner) Icon.png Rare 70
Devious Dent (Banner) Devious Dent (Banner) Icon.png Uncommon 50
Ewson's Wedge (Banner) Ewson's Edge (Banner) Icon.png Rare 70
Eyretell's Shield (Banner) Eyretell's Shield (Banner) Icon.png Rare 70
Gannaf's Gate (Banner) Gannaf's Gate (Banner) Icon.png Uncommon 50
Garmenjon's Guard (Banner) Garmenjon's Guard (Banner) Icon.png Epic 90
Jagged Edge (Banner) Rare 70
Kesbull's Crest (Banner) Uncommon 50
Pazelvine's Crest (Banner) Pazelvine's Crest (Banner) Icon.png Uncommon 50
Ramsguard Banner Fabric (Banner) Supporter pack icon-ramsguard banner fabric.png Uncommon Supporter Pack
Rerk's Shield (Banner) Epic 90
Sandereben’s Shield (Banner) Sandereben’s Shield (Banner) Icon.png Rare 70
Shield of Benin Moray (Banner) Shield of Benin Moray (Banner).png Uncommon 50
Shield of Berheart (Banner) Shield of Berheart (Banner).png Rare 70
Shield of Cobal Bai (Banner) Shield of Cabal Bai (Banner).png Uncommon 50
Shield of Spotter Whan (Banner) Shield of Spotter Whan (Banner) Icon.png Epic 90
Shield of Zobun (Banner) Uncommon 50
Winged Shield (Banner) Uncommon 50