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The Shattered Isles can be a frightening and dangerous place so why not lighten the mood a bit through the use of emotes?

Emotes can be obtained in the Shop for a set amount of Platinum.

List of Emotes[edit | edit source]

Emote Rarity Platinum Cost
Applause Emote Applause Emote Icon.png Uncommon 90
Badass Emote Badass Emote Icon.png Rare 150
Batter Up! Emote Batter Up Emote Icon.png Rare 150
Be Of Good Cheer! Rare (?)
Beckon Rare (?)
Big Wave Emote Big Wave Emote Icon.png Uncommon 90
Bow Rare (?)
Cheer Uncommon (?)
Cry Rare (?)
Curtsy Rare (?)
Cut Loose Dance Emote Cut Loose Dance Emote Icon.png Uncommon 90
Cutthroat Emote Cutthroat Emote Icon.png Rare 150
Double Guns Emote Double Guns Emote Icon.png Rare 150
Elaborate Salute Elaborate salute emote icon.png Epic Slayer Starter Pack Exclusive
Get Funky Emote Get Funky Emote Icon.png Rare 150
Get Off My Lawn Emote Get Off My Lawn Emote Icon.png Uncommon 90
Gun Show Emote Gun Show Emote Icon.png Uncommon 90
High Five Emote High Five Emote Icon.png Uncommon 90
Laugh Rare (?)
Let It Snowball Epic (?)
Mind Blown Rare (?)
Nope Uncommon (?)
Pumpkin Throw Emote 120px Epic 210
Ready to Fight Emote Ready to Fight Emote Icon.png Uncommon 90
Rock Solo Emote Rock Solo Emote Icon.png Rare 150
Salute Emote Salute Emote Icon.png Uncommon 90
Scaredy Emote Scaredy Emote Icon.png Uncommon 90
Self Five Emote Self Five Emote Icon.png Rare 150
Shrug Rare (?)
Slow Clap Emote Slow Clap Emote Icon.png Rare 150
Sumo Stomp Emote Sumo Stomp Emote Icon.png Rare 150
That Way Uncommon (?)
The Unseen Emote 120px Rare 150
Thrilling Dance Emote 120px Rare 150
Thumbs Up Uncommon (?)
Twirl Emote Twirl Emote Icon.png Uncommon 90
Wild Rider Emote Wild Rider Emote Icon.png Rare 150