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Types of Damage[edit | edit source]

Basic Damage Basic[edit | edit source]

Basic damage is indicated by white numbers and is damage dealt directly to a Behemoth's health pool. It is the main way of killing a Behemoth. While other damage types do not damage the health pool, base damage is still being dealt in the background while dealing damage to break points - the number is simply hidden in favor of showing part damage.

Part Damage Part[edit | edit source]

Part damage is the damage dealt to unbroken parts of a Behemoth and is indicated by yellow numbers. This damage does not directly damage a Behemoth's actual health pool, and only counts towards the damage threshold for breaking a part. Once that threshold is reached, that part will break off from a Behemoth as a lootable item and no longer take part damage, the behemoth will also be stunned for a short duration.

Breaking parts can alter a Behemoth's attacks and behavior, most often when severing the tail. One example of these changes that occur is Charrogg, who has unique parts to break off - his blaze vents - that prevent him from spewing out fire during certain moves.

All weapons can deal part damage, but slashing weapons (Sword, Axe, War Pike, and Chain Blades) have a +50% part damage bonus when attacking Behemoth tails.

Perks that increase or deal part damage include Bladestorm and Sharpened.

Stagger Damage Stagger[edit | edit source]

Stagger damage is damage dealt to a Behemoth's head or legs and allows slayers to stagger, stun or knockdown Behemoths. Stagger damage is indicated by blue damage numbers and does not affect the Behemoth's basic health pool. Generally, hitting the head of a Behemoth deals higher stagger damage than impact to the legs, but can vary between different Behemoths.

This is primarily dealt by slashing (Sword, Axe, and Chain Blades) and blunt (Hammer and Aether Strikers) weapons, with blunt-types dealing a higher base amount of stagger damage. There is a minimum damage threshold that must be met to deal stagger damage, so often a lower damage-dealing weapon like Chain Blades will not deal stagger damage when attacking.

Perks that increase or deal stagger damage include Knockout King, Pacifier, and Weighted Strikes.

Wound Damage Wound[edit | edit source]

Wound damage will create wounded points on a Behemoth's body where part damage can be dealt (i.e. legs, tail, and head). This damage type is indicated by red numbers and does not affect the Behemoth's basic health pool. Slashing weapons deal +50% part damage to wounded parts and Blunt weapons deal +25% part damage to wounded parts. Piercing weapons have their -25% part damage penalty removed once the part is wounded.

As the part has taken wound damage blue aether will be visible in the scars of the damaged part. When a part has become wounded aether will be flowing out of the cuts (seen below).

Piercing weapons (War Pike) have the innate ability to apply and deal wound damage.

Perks that increase or deal wound damage include Acidic, Barbed, and Merciless.

Damage Modifiers[edit | edit source]

Name Type of Damage Min Max
Aetherhunter All 1.05 1.5
Deconstruction All 1.1 2.0
Knockout King Stagger 1.05 1.3
Overpower All 1.1 1.7
Pacifier Stagger 1.1 1.6
Rage All 1.05 1.25
Ragehunter All 1.05 1.5
Sharpened Part 1.05 1.3
Savagery All 1.2 2.0