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Crafting is the process by which Weapons, Gear, and Supplies are created and upgraded in Dauntless. To craft an item, speak to the relevant NPC in Ramsgate with the appropriate materials.

Materials for crafting include flora, ores, and other gatherable items collected from isles during hunts, as well as Behemoth Breakparts. Recipes for items are often unlocked with each tier of hunt, although some recipes are unlocked through specific quests.

Crafting NPCs[edit | edit source]

Weapon Recipes[edit | edit source]

Recipes only, no stats. (Dear editors and admins of this wiki, no offense, but this page would be useful if there was more info, like the stuff being added below, aka recipes, all on one page. -Signed, SPL) (<- remove when all recipes are complete. Recipes are still WIP. Axes have been completed. To many items in this game for one sitting. Please do all weapon types, then armor, then equipment. Sort Repeater Parts as they appear in that specific crafting menu. If you feel upgrade resources are necessary as well, feel free to add them. Make tables collapsible.)

To those partially confused by that ^^^ mess, no one thought it prudent for a page about Crafting to include any recipes or crafting materials.

(If possible, sort recipes by element in this order: Neutral-> Terra-> Shock-> Blaze-> Frost-> Radiant-> Umbral.)

There are 20 Axes, 21 Hammers, 22 Swords, 21 War Pikes, 20 Chain Blades, and 18 Repeater Parts. Subtract 1 from every melee for recruit weapons, and another from swords for the starter blade, as well as the three starter repeater parts (and another for Full Bore), there are 112 craft-able weapon related items (including exotics). There are 19 craft-able armor sets, meaning 76 separate pieces, 79 with exotics, and 18 craft-able supplies, plus 6 craft-able Lanterns. This totals to 215 craft-able items. (I am doing 19 axes. I'll be darned if I'm doing all 215 items in one sitting, or on my own.)

Axe Recipes[edit | edit source]

Weapon Name Crafting Materials/Reagents
150 Rams, 2 Gnasher Hide, 1 Sharpened Slapper
Song of the Shrike ong of the ShrikeS
150 Rams, 3 Torn Shrikefeather, 4 Shrike Bladefeather
150 Rams, 2 Quillshot Hide, 2 Quillshot Tusk, 6 Quillshard
150 Rams, 4 Kharabak Chitin, 2 Deadly Incisor
150 Rams, 2 Rockscale, 2 Stony Hide
150 Rams, 4 Aether Thorn, 2 Vinetooth, 6 Bramblespur
Rams (x150), Drask Hide (x3), Electroscale (x1)
Rams (x150), Nayzaga Chitin (x3), Shocktooth (x1), Sparkspine (x1)
Rams (x150), Stormclaw Hide (x4), Conductive Antler (x2), Volthoof (x2)
150 Rams, 3 Charrogg Scale, 4 Burned Gillhide
150 Rams, 2 Embermane Hide, 1 Emberhorn, 1 Smoked Dewclaw
Rams (x150), Hellhide (x4), Charred Browplate (x2), Charred Tailplate (x2)
Rams (x150), Skraev Feather (x3), Skraev Tailfeather (x1)
Rams (x150), Pangar Scale (x4), Icy Browplate (x2)
Rams (x150), Boreus Hide (x3), Icy Hindscale (x1)
Rams (x150), Rezakiri Chitin (x4), Lustrous Tailplate (x2), Radiant Aethergem (x2)
Rams (x150), Valomyr Hide (x4), Protean Fang (x2), Radiant Dewclaw (x6)
Rams (x150), Shrowd Feather (x3), Dark Bladefeather (x4)
Rams (x150), Rifthide (x4), Apex Riftfang (x2), Nightbringer Riftspike (x2)