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The basic control schemes for Dauntless.

PC Controls[edit | edit source]

Motion Input
Show Controls TAB
Move Forward Icon-PC-W.png
Move Backwards Icon-PC-S.png
Move Left Icon-PC-A.png
Move Right Icon-PC-D.png
Primary Attack Icon-PC-Left Mouse.png
Secondary Attack Icon-PC-Right Mouse.png
Special Action Icon-PC-Q.png
Dodge Icon-PC-Space.png
Sprint Icon-PC-Shift.png
Jump Icon-PC-F.png
Sheath/Unsheath Icon-PC-X.png
Interact Icon-PC-E.png
Item Slot 1 Icon-PC-1.png
Item Slot 2 Icon-PC-2.png
Item Slot 3 Icon-PC-3.png
Item Slot 4 Icon-PC-4.png
Camera Icon-PC-Mouse.png
Target Camera T
Banner Plant B
Emote Wheel Icon-PC-C.png
Menu Icon-PC-Esc.png
Lantern V

Xbox One Controller Controls[edit | edit source]

Motion Input
Show Controls Icon-XB1-Windows.png
Movement Icon-XB1-Left Stick.png
Primary Attack Icon-XB1-X.png
Secondary Attack Icon-XB1-Y.png
Special Action Icon-XB1-RB.png
Dodge Icon-XB1-B.png
Sprint Icon-XB1-RT.png
Jump Icon-XB1-A.png
Sheath/Unsheath Icon-XB1-Right Stick.png(Press)
Interact Icon-XB1-A.png
Item Slot 1 Icon-XB1-Dpad Up.png
Item Slot 2 Icon-XB1-Dpad Right.png
Item Slot 3 Icon-XB1-Dpad Left.png
Item Slot 4 Icon-XB1-Dpad Down.png
Camera Icon-XB1-Right Stick.png
Target Camera Icon-XB1-Left Stick.png (Press)
Menu Icon-XB1-Menu.png
Lantern Icon-XB1-LB.png

PlayStation 4 Controller Controls[edit | edit source]

Motion Input
Show Controls Icon-PS4-Share.png
Movement Icon-PS4-Left Stick.png
Primary Attack Icon-PS4-Square.png
Secondary Attack Icon-PS4-Triangle.png
Special Action Icon-PS4-R1.png
Dodge Icon-PS4-Circle.png
Sprint Icon-PS4-R2.png
Jump Icon-PS4-Cross.png
Sheath/Unsheath Icon-PS4-Right Stick.png(Press)
Interact Icon-PS4-Cross.png
Item Slot 1 Icon-PS4-Dpad Up.png
Item Slot 2 Icon-PS4-Dpad Right.png
Item Slot 3 Icon-PS4-Dpad Left.png
Item Slot 4 Icon-PS4-Dpad Down.png
Camera Icon-PS4-Right Stick.png
Target Camera Icon-PS4-Left Stick.png (Press)
Menu Icon-PS4-Options.png
Lantern Icon-PS4-L1.png