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A cell is an item placed in the socket of a Weapon, Armour or Lantern to provide a Perk - a bonus based on the cell's rarity.

Acquire or Trade Cells[edit | edit source]

Cells are usually acquired by opening cores but can also be obtained as rewards from Mastery or Hunt Pass progression, or even as a rare drop from a behemoth. The Middleman will fuse cells into higher power cells or even new cells, or buy cells from you for aetherdust. You can also buy cells from The Middleman for aetherdust or platinum, with the selection of cells changing on a timer.

Rarity Perk Bonus Sell Price Purchase Price
Uncommon +1 10 Aetherdust Icon 001.pngAetherdust 75 Platinum Icon 001.png Platinum / 40 Aetherdust Icon 001.pngAetherdust
Rare +2 20 Aetherdust Icon 001.pngAetherdust 200 Platinum Icon 001.png Platinum / 80 Aetherdust Icon 001.pngAetherdust
Epic +3 40 Aetherdust Icon 001.pngAetherdust 400 Platinum Icon 001.png Platinum / 160 Aetherdust Icon 001.pngAetherdust

Cell Families[edit | edit source]

Defence[edit | edit source]

Defence Cell Icon 001.png
Perk Description
Assassin's Vigour Grants Health after breaking a Behemoth part.
Bloodless Protects against Wounded and Crippling Wounds statuses.
Fireproof Protects against being set on fire.
Fortress Grants a small shield after avoiding damage for a short time.
Guardian Grants a portion of any shield applied to you to your nearest ally.
Iceborne Increases Defense when at low health, and at later ranks, grants life steal.
Insulated Protects against Shocked status effect and allows you to attack electric shields.
Nine Lives Grants a chance to reduce damage, and later the ability to cheat death.
Shellshock Resist Protects against the explosion damage and status effect Shellshock.
Strategist Reduces max health. Dodging through Behemoth attacks grants health shields to all Slayers.
Sturdy Prevents being staggered on a cooldown.
Tough Increases Max Health.
Warmth Protects against Chilled and Frozen status effects.

Mobility[edit | edit source]

Mobility Cell Icon 001.png
Perk Description
Agility Reduces the stamina cost of dodging.
Conditioning Increases Stamina Regen.
Endurance Increases Max Stamina.
Evasion Increases the time you are invincible when dodging.
Fleet Footed Temporarily increases Movement Speed after a dodge.
Grace Grants movespeed when sprinting. After sprinting gain attack speed equal to movespeed for a short time.
Nimble Restores Stamina when dodging through behemoth attacks.
Sprinter Reduces max stamina. Dodging through Behemoth attacks grants movement speed.
Swift Increases Movement Speed when your weapon is sheathed.

Power[edit | edit source]

Power Cell Icon 001.png
Perk Description
Aetherhunter Increases damage against aether charged Behemoths.
Deconstruction Bonus damage against objects created by Behemoths.
Discipline Prevents you from having over half health. Increases critical strike chance.
Knockout King Percent increase to Stagger damage.
Overpower Increases damage against staggered Behemoths.
Pacifier Increases Stagger damage against enraged Behemoths.
Rage Increases your damage when your health is low.
Ragehunter Increases damage against enraged Behemoths.
Sharpened Percent increase to part damage.

Prismatic[edit | edit source]

Prismatic Cell Icon 001.png

A Prismatic Cell is not like any other cell. They have the ability to hold any cell type. Meaning you can put Power Cell Power cells, Utility Cell Utility cell and/or Technique Cell Technique cells. The only weapons that have this ability are Legendary Weapons

Technique[edit | edit source]

Technique Cell Icon 001.png
Perk Description
Acidic Increases Wound damage at the cost of Part damage.
Adrenaline Increases damage dealt based on stamina spent.
Barbed Adds a flat amount of Wound damage on hit.
Berserker Reduces max health. Dealing damage stacks increased damage dealt for a short period.
Bladestorm Adds a flat amount of Part damage on hit.
Cunning Grants a chance to deal double damage.
Evasive Fury Temporarily increases attack speed when dodging through a Behemoth's attack.
Merciless Increases Wound damage against staggered Behemoths.
Molten Grants Molten Heart drops on cooldown.
Predator Increases damage after avoiding damage for a short time.
Savagery Increases damage against Wounded parts.
Weighted Strikes Adds a flat amount of Stagger damage on hit. At later ranks, allows more weapon attacks to interrupt.
Wild Frenzy Increases Attack Speed when at low health.

Utility[edit | edit source]

Utility Cell Icon 001.png
Perk Description
Aetherborne Increases the benefits of using aether vents.
Aetheric Attunement Percent increase to Lantern Charge gained from attacks.
Aetheric Frenzy Gains a flat amount of Lantern Charge on each weapon hit.
Conduit Using a Lantern's hold ability increases all Slayers' attack speed temporarily.
Energized Increases weapon meter gain rate.
Engineer Reduces healing from Slayer flask. Increases range of pylons.
Lucent Flask heals over time and generates lantern charge.
Medic Improves your ability to revive allies.
Mender Reduces healing from Slayers flask. Using your flask restores other Slayers' health.
Stunning Vigour Restores some health whenever a Behemoth is staggered.
Vampiric Restores some health whenever a Behemoth part is Wounded.
Zeal Increases the effectiveness of Lantern tap abilities

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