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The Behemoths are cunning, large, terrible and vicious creatures that hunt Humanity in The Shattered Isles.

histoire[edit | edit source]

Les béhémoths sont des bêtes massives qui se propagent sur les îles brisées. Ils semblent apparaîtrent naturellement, bien que cela n'a toujours pas été prouvé. Ils se nourrissent de l'énergie de la terre en consommant de l'Éther, et deviennent de plus en plus forts à mesure qu'ils en consomment.

List of Behemoths[edit | edit source]

Official Summary[edit | edit source]

Terror of the Shattered Isles[edit | edit source]

Behemoths are savage, gigantic beasts that roam the Shattered Isles and threaten our right to survive. Entire settlements and countless lives have been lost to these beasts. A behemoth will consume every resource and drop of aether in its path, leaving nothing but lifeless husks.

Behemoths draw their deadly power from the earth itself, swallowing up latent aether in the ground. This power fuels their hunger and the deadly elemental blaze, shock, and frost energy they unleash in combat. This aetheric power determines their physiology, appearance, sometimes even their behaviour. There are even rumours from the frontier of beasts harnessing darker energies as well…

Behemoth Style[edit | edit source]

A slayer’s legend is written in their armour and weapons, forged from the trophies they take from the behemoths they defeat. The smiths of Ramsgate can use these tokens of victory to add the Drask scales to a sword's blade or the hide of a mighty Embermane to your breastplate, for example. Improve your weapons and armour with the spoils of the hunt and every slayer will know the challenges you’ve conquered.

Lore[edit | edit source]

“We heard it bellow across the island, lightning striking in the distance. The men were shaken to their core, for they had no idea what we were up against. We had all heard the rumours of a behemoth that could breathe lightning. The thunder shaking our bones confirmed our worst fears.

“The men broke for the ship, scrambling for their lives. Lightning struck near us and the behemoth, riding it down from the sky, attacked without hesitation. I can’t say how many died in the first blast of aether, but I saw the body of my bosun thrown and broken against a tree. In all, only three of fifteen made it back. Only one is willing to leave port again.”

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