Arkan Drew

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Arkan Drew
Arkan Drew Render 001.png
Voice Actor
Josh Fingerhut

Arkan Drew is one of the NPCs from Ramsgate in Dauntless.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Arkan was born in St. Avellaine and joined the scholars of the Orrery in his youth when it proved to be the best way for him to escape what he saw at the time as a life of drudgery. Now he studies the aether itself, as well as what it can do - and unlike his fellow watchers, he has abandoned the pretense of strict observation and instead works directly with aether itself.

Outwardly Arkan is the very picture of the typical watcher. The role is a supremely responsible one and he performs it with punctiliousness and efficiency. However he splits his time between being a watcher and pursuing his deep and abiding interest in aether - where it comes from, how it interacts with the world, and how it may be used to build wondrous new creations. As a result he is secretive and cold on first meeting, but if he feels someone else shares his interest in all things aetheric he will happily take them into his confidence.