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Agility is a Perk in Dauntless. It is a member of the Mobility Cell Mobility family of Perks.

Description[edit source]

Reduces the stamina cost of dodging.

Details[edit source]

Tier Effect Details
1 -10% Dodge Roll Stamina Cost
2 -20% Dodge Roll Stamina Cost
3 -30% Dodge Roll Stamina Cost
4 -40% Dodge Roll Stamina Cost
5 -55% Dodge Roll Stamina Cost
6 -70% Dodge Roll Stamina Cost

Obtainable From[edit source]

Weapons[edit source]

No weapons contain this perk.

Armour[edit source]

Icon Name Resistance Elemental Strength Elemental Weakness Perks Cell Slots
Visage of Thorns Icon 001.png
Visage of Thorns 25 140 +25 Terra Icon.png Terra -25 Shock Icon.png Shock +3 Agility Technique Cell Technique Cell
Reza Greaves Icon 001.png
Light's Walk 25 140 +25 Radiant Icon.png Radiant -25 Umbral Icon.png Umbral +3 Agility Mobility Cell Mobility Cell

Cells[edit source]

Mobility Cell +1 Agility Cell
Mobility Cell +2 Agility Cell
Mobility Cell +3 Agility Cell